28 May 2011

Its meeeeeeee.

Hey guys! I'm still here, honest!!

Laziness, moodiness, lots of sleep and 2 days with no internet, meant I was pretty quiet while I was in Papworth.
But I am now home!! I was only there for 9 days!

I started to feel better, and asked if I could go home, and it was all good. =)
Lungs functions were up to 45%, not perfect, but better than the 37% I had when I went in.
I'd reached the point, where the benefits of being at home, and getting decent food, and proper sleep, far outweighed the benefits of having drugs and doctors and physios.

Gavin came to visit me on thursday, which was nice. =) We watched Patch Adams (Love that film), and I ate HARIBO BEARS! I also took a mini shower in Cherry Lucozade, thanks to him. Grrr! Haha. He shook my bottle up, and I forgot and opened it... Oops.
Hes also responsible for the discovery that I like Cherry Lucozade. And Lucozade will now make EVEN MORE money from me. Lol.

Also, the most exciting thing everrrrr... I'm going to see Stiv!!!
Hes coming to London at the end of June for some geeky sonic thing, and I'm going to see him and Claire on the sunday, and spend the day with them!!
Means getting up. In the morning. On a sunday. The day after Danni's 18th Party... Haha.
There are no words for this kind of excitement though. After 3 years I'm FINALLY going to see Stiv properly! I can hug him!! =D
We're also planning for me to go up and stay with them in July. I'm so excited.
Stiv made me smile while I was in Papworth too. Sent me a Glee Easter Egg and Mug. LOVE IT!

Spent soooo much money this week.
Went a little crazy online on monday, ordered a load of DVDs (including season 1 of Glee!) and 2 tshirts.
Then today I went into town, and exhausted myself walking round every shop there! Or at least it felt like it. Did get a dress, some shorts, and 3 new tops though. And some shoes. And I dont need to buy another card until July.
Note to self: Do not become friends with anyone else born in June or July. Lol.

Love xx


  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!

    <3 Mega-heart.


  2. Ahemmmmm if you're coming up north in July I bagsy getting to see you at some point pleaseeeeee :D xxx

  3. I will say nothing about cross infection :P xx

  4. I'll throw haribo at her from a distance instead :D xx

  5. We're obviously both wearing surgical masks the entire time, Tor.
    Plus we're helping find a cure, we're both going to spit in a pot and poke it with sticks.