15 May 2011

Return of the naughty lungs...

Firstly, I would like to thank anyone that took the time to read my last post, about life with CF.
I had a few lovely messages from various people, who said it was well written, and it means a lot that people read the things I write, let alone take the time to compliment me on them.
Its easy, and hard, to write about something so close to your heart. Its really easy to know what I'm feeling, but not always so easy to put into words for everyone else, especially with a subject which has so many different emotions attached to it.

Ah, so my lungs played nice for a little while. But they're back to their old tricks.
Went with Dad for a drink tonight. Did nothing but sit, and watch the band sing. And still ended the night with a nice bleed.
Stupid lungs. When will they learn they arent supposed to bleed!!
Wasnt my worst bleed ever, but it was still fairly nasty. And I'm still bubbling now.
I hate that feeling. You can only possibly understand it, if you've coughed up blood from your lungs. Its very strange.

Looks like a trip to Papworth next week then. =/

I feel very Meh.
Meh is a good word tonight. Meh Meh Meh Meh.
Bird is overrated. Meh is the word.
Even Gavin said so. And hes clever, so it must be true.

Oh well, better to go to Papworth, and get it sorted before I feel really bad. Leaving these things does no good.

On the plus side, I have milk bottles. Which makes everything a little bit better.

Went to Tesco with Dad and Ryan earlier. We've walked round, got what we wanted, I've wandered round a few feet behind them, head in my phone texting Stiv... (Nothing new there... Haha.) Next thing I know, Dads telling the security guard that some random girl is following them around!! LOL! I do love my Dad at times, hes a nutter. Security guard was intelligent enough to know it was a joke. Can you imagine if he hadnt? HAHA!
I do have the most random giggles with Dad. Think thats why we're still fairly close... Because we have the same stupid sense of humour. Lol.

Saw EMMA last night!!! Was extremely happy. It had been over 3 months since I saw her, and I was missing her loads! We just had a quiet night in, and watched the Eurovision with her brother and his friends.
They were playing drinking games. They gave us countries, but we didnt join in with the drinking. I got Romania, Serbia, Switzerland and Hungary though... So I wouldnt have drunk much anyway. LoL!
And shes home for the summer in 2 weeks. So I cant wait.

This summer should be awesome. Last year everything kind of revolved around Matt and what he wanted to do, but this year I can fill my time as I wish. =)
Hopefully I'll get to go and see Stiv at some point, because that would be awesome. And hang out with Emma. And then harass anyone else I want to. =)
I also have to force someone to watch Labyrinth with me. Hehe!

I also, thanks to Emma, have this overwhelming urge to make my own pizzas. Well, not the dough... Although, I'd do that if I knew how! But like toppings and stuff, and then cook it. She did it last night.

Also, on a random note, I have discovered the song chasing cars makes me cry. Like proper crying. =/ I swear, it is not normal to be THIS emotional. Unless you're like drunk. Or pregnant. And I am neither or these things!!

MEH! Lol.


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