5 May 2011

Midnight ramblings

Sooo. I wasnt gonna write a blog tonight. But Gavin apparently actually likes to read the utter rubbish I write, and he said I should.
Personally I think he just likes the excuse to read something that isnt about Biochemistry. Lol.
But I do like to keep him happy, cos hes pretty awesome. So here we go...

Disclaimer: I have been to the pub to see a band tonight, and had several drinks. I will like, triple check this before I publish it, but I apologise for any spelling mistakes that sneak through... Lol!
My phone usually saves me from those horrible alcohol influenced typos and spelling errors, because I use predictive text, and I can only use words in a dictionary... Haha!

I've had a good couple of days really. Yesterday evening I went out with Mum, Dad and Ryan, we drove up to ashridge and went for a wander. Did plenty of climbing. Well, not sure you can call what I did climbing. I wasnt quite so brave as the boys were. Haha. But still, it was a giggle. I'm sure I'm closer to my parents, just because we all act like idiots together.
And its sooooo pretty up there too, I love it.

Today I went shopping in Harpenden with Liz and Evie. Originally we planned to go look at Wedding cakes for Liz and Ashley, but the shop was closed, typically! So we wandered round the other shops. Lots of clothes and toy shops. Personally, I was with Evie, and prefering the toy shops. =) I'm such a kid at heart.
There was one shop that had this gorgeous wooden castle, and all the little wooden people, and I so wanted it!! And the little wooden train set.
Not sure I can ask for a wooden train set for my 21st Birthday though... Might get some strange looks.
I'd love to be a kid again. Watching Evies little face looking at all the toys, and pretty things. It would be amazing to be that carefree and content again.

ARGH! My arm hurts.
* Just tried to brush my hair... *
Yes, I have the attention span of a goldfish. Or worse.

I woke up this morning, and I've done something strange in my sleep, because my left arm REALLY hurts. I can barely move it without getting really sharp pains shooting up it.
I'm not used to these 'normal' pains.
I can deal with the CF related stuff, but I whine like a bitch about this kind of thing. LOL!
Dad says its a symptom of too much texting... LOL! I say hes just jealous because Gavin and Stiv dont text him... Haha.

Its only like a couple of days til my walk now!!
I'm so excited.
I'm so terrifed.
Haha. I am sure I can do this now though. Powered by adrenalin, determination, and probably Lucozade. ;)
Also, Got my CF Trust Tshirt in the post today. =)

I just hope that I can make Marc proud. He meant so much to me, and had such an impact on the person I am, and the person I will be. I wish there was a better way I could show it.
Miss him, very much.

So, thats my ramblings for tonight.

Love xx

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