7 May 2011



Tomorrow morning, just before 10, I will be heading off with Ryan, to pick up Danni, and go to Ashridge!!! =)

Little bit excited.

Although, the signal around Ashridge isnt great... So how I will survive without my constant texts to Stiv, is a worry. Lol. Because normally I cant go longer than about 20 minutes without speaking to him.

So far we have raised over £550, and I am so proud, and feel so lucky that our friends have been so supportive! I am so grateful to everyone that has sponsored us. And to those people who are even coming down tomorrow to see us!

I'm looking forward to seeing Ellis and Danni anyway! Because I havent seen them for a while.
A year ago, I'd never have imagined that I'd be sharing this experience with Ellis, and I'm so happy that I can, because I love her to pieces, and I love seeing her enjoying her new lungs. =)

Basically, I'm just very happy, about everything! Lol.

Link To Our Justgiving Page.

I'm feeling fairly positive at the minute.
Theres a lot to look forward to. I'm concentrating on keeping myself well so I can enjoy it all.

Anyway, I'll update tomorrow evening no doubt, and let you all know how it went!



  1. best of luck and enjoy yourselves!!

    I really wanna sponsor but have no cash in the old account :( I'll try and get something to you in the next week or so x