18 May 2011

IV Stashes, Mega Cute Songs, and Broken Phones

Clinic in the morningggg.
I'm actually looking forward to it... Thats unusual for me. =/
After 3 days of coughing up blood now, I am desperate to get there, so I can start getting better! I'm going out of my mind.

I've been to the chemist under my bed tonight, and sorted through what IVs I have stashed under there... So now I just have to remember tomorrow, and not let them send me home with any MORE! Get some of what I have used up!
Got 5 days worth of Fosfomycin and Imipenem.
And about 8 days of Tazocin... Which I'm allergic too. *Rolls Eyes*
And 3 weeks worth of Tobramycin.... Which we've stopped using because of the stupid ringing in my ears.
And dont get me started on the amount of saline and heparin I have!!

I'm trying to find little reasons to smile, because thats what keeps me sane when I feel this crap.

Dads being unbelievably nice to me today. I think he can tell how rough I feel. He took me out for breakfast this morning... Yum! And he came home with Lucozade and Milk bottles for me tonight. =) I'm easily pleased.

And Gavin made me listen to an amazingly cute song from Sweeny Todd. I've never actually seen the film, probably going to have to now. (Need to go to blockbusters anyway... Pay the fine for my late returns. Oops.) Lol. Its stuck in my head now, but I love it. I have also listened to it about a million times already, which wont have helped. Hehe. =)

♫ No one's gonna hurt you,
No one's gonna dare.
Others can desert you,
Not to worry, whistle, I'll be there.

Love it. =)

Stivs gone and broken his phone. While trying to fix it, ironically. Haha. Which is kinda silly. I'm a little bit lost not texting him constantly... He'd better hurry up and FIX IT! =/ MEH!

Thats what he gets for having a stupid fancy touch screen phone.
Should get an old brick, like I have. I swear, this thing is indestructable!! Probably just as well, my history with phones is... Dodgy... At best. Lol.

Oh well. Off to bed for me, I guess.
Got to get up at 7am. Eeeep.
Go and discover what my lung function is doing. Not looking forward to that. Its one of those things I never really WANT to know. =/ Lol.
Seeing as I'm out of breath just talking for very long, I'm not expecting great things.

Lovelove xx


  1. I always read your blog posts but don't comment much. Sweeney Todd is a fantastic film and I love the soundtrack. I hope you enjoy it when you watch it :)

    And with regards to DVD rentals have you tried Love Film or Tesco DVD rental? I use the latter and find it really convenient and there are no late fees :)

    Take care,
    Molly x

  2. Woaaah You have Fos at home?! I used to do home IVs but had to stop as was told I couldnt have Fos on home ivs as the company that supplies the home ivs doesnt make it! How've you got it? x