1 May 2011

OMG. Its MAY?!

I cant believe its MAY! Already!!
I swear, its only JUST been christmas! This year is disappearing, I dont understand! Lol.

1 week to go, until our Sponsored walk!

The weather has been amazing the last couple of weeks, and I really hope it can hold until next sunday for us. It will be much nicer if the sun is shining. And we can take some really pretty pictures, because Ashridge is gorgeous at the minute. Its like a carpet of bluebells in places.
We've raised just over £430 so far, and we're still going! Its been amazing. =)

My friend Pete had his head shaved friday night as well. He has raised over £350 so far for the CF Trust.
My friends are so amazing at times...

I have sent over 1800 text messages in the last 2 weeks. Haha, I dont know whether to be proud, or a little scared.
I think Stiv and Gavin are probably responsible for most of those tbh. I dread to think how I'd cope if I wasnt on contract. Lol.

Gavin has been amazing, the last couple of months. Hes very quickly become one of the most important people in my life. =)

OMG. Royal Wedding!!
Now, I have to admit, during the lead up I was completely fed up of hearing about the wedding, and had very little interest in it.
But I got up friday morning, and put the TV on, and started watching... And I was hooked. It was amazing, the way William and Kate look at each other, the love was so clearly visible in their eyes. They looked so happy, and natural together. And of course, she was BEAUTIFUL. As was everything.
Except that hat Beatrice was wearing... LOL! She looked like a reindeer. Hehe.
I was so loved up by the end of it, and it wasnt even me getting married! Haha. It really was like watching a disney film.

Now, I just have to go find myself a prince. =)

Annual Review results on wednesday... Yay. Not.
That'll be fun. Go sit in a room, while they tell me things that I could have told them. That my lungs/liver/blood sugars/everything is slightly worse than last year. But not bad enough yet to do anything about. Thats pretty much what theyve said every year. Haha.
On the plus side, I'm single this year. Which means they wont surprise me with the whole sex and making babies talk I got last year. Lol.

Its my last chance for a check up before I go wandering 10km through the trees too, so hopefully it'll all be fine.
I feel okay, anyway. Not 100%, but okay. Just need to take things easy this week, and keep myself okay. =) And keep this stupid sinus pain under control. Lol.

Anyway, thats all for now I think.

Lovelove xx

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  1. Hahaha you have to be in a relationship before they spring up that sex talk with you? Jesus, I got the fright of my life last time my dr randomly brought it up, and unless they know something I don't I'm pretty sure I'm still single! xx