Cf Stuff

I think sometimes people forget that CF doesnt go away.
Even when I'm 'well' I still have loads of medication and 'Cf stuff' to deal with.


Creon 10000
1 - 3 capsules with snacks
6 - 8 capsules with meals
To help with digestion.

Azithromycin 250mg
1 tablet, once a day
Low dose antibiotic/anti-inflammatory

Septrin 960mg
1 or 2 tablets, twice a day

Carbocistine 750mg
2 capsules, twice a day
To help thin mucus

Ursodeoxycholic Acid 900mg
3 tablets, once a day
For Liver problems

Sodium Docusate 200mg
2 capsules, twice a day
To stop bowel problems

Ranitidine 150mg
1 tablet, twice a day
For acid reflux

Esomeprazole 40mg
1 tablet, twice a day
For acid reflux

Domperidone 20mg
2 tablets, three times a day
For sickness and reflux

Vitamin BPC
3 tablets, once a day

Vitamin E 400iu
1 tablet, once a day

Vitamin K 10mg
1 tablet, once a day

Calcichew D3 Forte
2 capsules, once a day

Uniphyllin 200mg
1 tablet, twice a day
Long acting bronchodilator

Spiriva Inhaler
Once a day

Fostair Inhaler
Twice a day

Salbutamol Inhaler
Twice a day, and as required

Hypertonic Saline Neb
Once or Twice a day

Salbutamol Neb
Up to 4 times a day

Ibuprofen 400mg
Regularly for Joint and Sinus pain

Paracetamol 1g
Regularly for Joint and Sinus pain

Nasonex Nasal Spray
For Sinusitis

Sterimar Nasal Spray
For Sinusitis

And thats the list on a 'good day'.
Thats without added antibiotics. Or steroids. Or tranexamic acid when I'm coughing up blood. Or salt tablets during the summer. Or antihistamines when my sinusitis is at its worst. Or stronger painkillers. Or extra antisickness drugs... You get the idea.

Although it is CF that is my main diagnosis, there is so much that comes with it.

I am borderline diabetic. My blood sugars have to be closely monitored when I am in hospital, particularly if I am taking steroids. And glucose tolerance tests are done roughly every 6 months to check that I havent become diabetic.
I have started to develop liver disease, because of the amount of IV medication I am needing. Each time I have IVs, my liver suffers a tiny bit more. Liver ultrasounds are done at least once a year.
I have a lot of joint pain, and bone pain, because my calcium and vitamin D levels are very low. Plus, the Pseudomonas living in my lungs can cause inflammation in the joints.
And chronic sinusitus. Which drives me INSANE and causes a lot of pain and sleepless nights. I've had surgery 3 times since I was 14 to ease my sinusitis, but it still flares up a lot.