22 July 2011

Totweek and Stuff =)

Hey guys!!

So, I had an amazing time while I was away!
I made it all the way to Darlington without any trouble on the trains, which is basically a miracle in itself. =P
And somehow I resisted the urge to go to Hogwarts...

And I reminded myself of just how gorgeous St Pancras Station is. It is such an amazing building.

And I loved every second while I was there. Everyone made me feel so welcome, and I cant wait to go back!!

Got my sinus operation booked for the 15th September now. I'll give myself a couple of weeks to recover from that, and then I think I'll be heading back to go see everyone. I cant wait!

Off out tomorrow night, to a BBQ/Party for Clives birthday. Will be strange because I havent spent any real time with that family for a long time. Me and Ryan grew up with Paula and Clives children.

Then next weekend is Liz's hen night! And the following weekend is her wedding!! EEEEEEEP! So excited for her. =)


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