12 July 2011

Catch Up


So yeah, I'm still here! I've just been really quiet for a few weeks.
Basically, because I've just had complete writers block, and nothing worth writing about.

I was only in hospital a couple of days after my last post, and then the doctors sent me home because the drugs werent making me better, and were just making me sick.
Shortest admission ever.

I had clinic at Addenbrookes about my sinuses, (FINALLY) and the Consultant, (Same one I saw last year!) thinks I will probably need another operation. We're just waiting on a CT scan, to confirm what he thinks.
So I have a CT scan booked for the 20th, and then clinic again on the 21st. Wow, thats a fun couple of days. Lol.

Its nearly time to go up north!! SO EXCITED. Just 2 more sleeps now and then off to see Michael and Clairey!!
Will be leaving Leagrave about half ten on thursday. Not long now!! I'm pretty much packed, just the last minute stuff left, like chargers.
Good job really, because half my case it taken up by bloody birthday presents!! 8-)

Anyway, I daresay I'll have loads to tell you when I get home next tuesday. And then theres lots of stuff coming up, so I should be back a bit more. Birthdays, Lizs hen night, Lunches with friends, lots of exciting fun stuff!!

Love you all.

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