28 June 2011

Sneak Tot Attack!

I'm back in Papworth. Today was day 4.

Fun times.
On Imipenem and Septrin. And wow, that combination has somehow majorly upset my reflux. I cant eat anything without wanting to be sick. Its not pleasant, and it hurts. A lot. =(

Which meant, I was all mopey and sulky because I had to miss Danni's party on saturday night, and I couldnt go to London to see Michael and Claire yesterday.
I did miss Danni's party... I was NOT expecting Stiv and Claire to turn up in my doorway yesterday afternoon though!!!!!!!
And they had orange lucozade, which is always good. Hehe.
(Trying to make the change from calling Michael, Stiv. Because I prefer Michael, tbh. But its habit to call him Stiv. Plus people would have no idea who Michael is... Lol.)

I was soooo happy. If was so good to finally just hug them! And now I'm even more excited to go and stay with them. 2 and a half weeks to go! =)

My signal here is even worse than it usually is, and its been driving me crazy! I do seem to finally have found a spot which at least allows me to get texts when they are sent, rather than 3 hours later. So thats an improvement! And it means I can actually talk to Gavin again now. (Poor Gav.)

Anyway, yeah, in hospital. Far too much time to think.

I've been particularly lonely this admission. I dont know people on the ward, which is unusual for me. I feel rough, and I dont always know who to turn to.
Its times like this I miss having a boyfriend, just because it didnt matter what time it was, if I needed someone to talk to, I'd just call. I didnt feel guilty if I woke him up.

Its silly really. But when you're throwing up at like 3am, or in agony and cant sleep, its nice to have someone to go to. =(


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  1. Hi jenny . I've missed reading your posts . Hope you are feeling a little better x