9 June 2011

Tots, Sinuses, and Other stuffs.

Well! I'm much happier now.
I have heard from my Tot.
He had to have surgery today. Only sinus surgery, so not the most major thing in the world. He'd had it before. I've had it before. I knew it'd be fine. But I still worried constantly for those few hours.

I hate being helpless. Hes my best friend in the world, and I didnt like not being able to make him feel better.
It was very backwards. I'm supposed to be in hospital, and hes supposed to be at home. Thats how our relationship works! 8-)

Ironically, I got MY ENT appointment through this morning. So I'll be seeing the consultant at Addenbrookes on the 30th March, at 11.45. FINALLY.
I dont really care what they say, I'll just be glad if they can stop this constant pain, because its driving me crazy, and I cant stand it much more.

I was sat today, trying to work out what to get people for Birthdays. Got loads coming up in the next couple of months.
Pete, Stiv, Evie, and Danni are all this month.
And then Clairey, Pete, Liz, Emma, Sam, Ellis are all next month. Theres some others too I think... =/
I dont bloody know what to buy people!!
Was worrying about fathers day too. Until Ryan reminded me that I've already given him money for Dads present. Which I had totally forgotten!! Ryan couldve got away with that one... Silly boy! Hehe!

Only 5 weeks til I go to stay with Stiv and Claire now! And 2 and a half til I see them in London. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! <3

Epic hearts! =)

Love xx

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