13 June 2011

Poorly, Whingey, Puppyish Tot.

I has GERMS!

Mum was off work during the week with some nasty virus. There were a few people she works with that had the same thing. I tried to look after her, from a distance. Then Dad got it. Then I gave up hope. I knew it was gonna come and attack me.
And it has.

Definitely not feeling too good. I've not been quite right anyway, I think if I'm honest I shouldve stayed in hospital a little longer last time. But I left as soon as I felt better so I didnt have to stay for the bank holiday. Its my own fault.
Now I have the added joy of constant headache, (Thats normal thanks to my sinuses, but I have pains in new parts of my head now) sore throat, stinging nose, constant sleeping, lack of appetite, and general crappiness. Plus its already hitting my chest. Coughing, wheezing, and general achey lung feeling.
Oh keep losing my voice too. <_<
Not fun.
Not funny either. Even if Gavin found it funny on friday.

On the plus side, my weight has been bothering me for a while, not helped by a little brother who likes to tell me I'm fat and/or ugly. Even if hes 'joking' like he claims, its still hitting my insecurities hard.
So the lack of appetite thing. Not bothering me so much.
Will have to be careful though. I have no problems with my weight, which is lucky as a CF patient. BUT when I do stop eating properly, it does just tend to drop. I dropped a stone after I broke up with Matt, in a couple of weeks. Gained it again over the next few months, but the hospital arent happy when it drops like that. They send the dietician to drive me insane.
I've lost 5 pound in the last week, what with reflux problems and being ill affecting my eating patterns. =/

So, I'm all moany and whiney at the minute. But I have no voice, so I am mainly just whiney. Like the noises a puppy makes when its sad. Lol.
Stiv referred to me as Puppyish, in his blog, last week. I think its appropriate to be honest. When I'm sad or ill, I get all whiney, and mopey, and just want to be cuddled. Lol. So now Puppyish is my favourite term.
Although, must remember that most sane people will not understand that. Lol. Do not use Puppyish to describe feelings to the Doctor...

Oh well. I have Clinic wednesday. I think.
(Must remember to ring Papworth tomorrow and check... Lol!)
Probably gonna mean IVs time again. I dont have any fall back oral antibiotics. Because I'm on Septrin permanently, and Cipro makes me ill. Migraines and vomiting, for the Oral or IV version. Nice. =/
But I need to be well enough to see Stiv. So I shall get over it.

Oh well. Enough moaning for now I guess.

2 weeks til Totday!
4 and a half til Totweek.

Excited to meet everyone. Mainly, of course, TOT! But his friends too. Maybe speak to them when they arent drunk. Hehe.
Just hope they all like me. =|


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  1. Tot.

    Everyone will love you. Duh.

    Most of them already do.