2 June 2011

Tot Times!

My train tickets are booked!!

I will be leaving Luton just after 11am and arriving in Darlington around 3pm ish, on the 14th July, and leaving Darlington again about half past 3 on the 19th!!

Excited MUCH!!

I bought a new camera today! Its not the most amazing latest thing ever... But I think its amazing. 14 megapixals... 5x Optical zoom... HD Video... Optical Image Stabalisation.
Its more than good enough for what I use it for.

So now I can take many pictures of all my exciting summer stuff.

Speaking of which... SOUTHEND tomorrow! YAY!
Do love the seaside.

Anything this was just a mini blog, to share my excitement about Trains being booked.

Night night xx

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