6 June 2011

Random Stuffness.

Sooo, whats happened since wednesday?

My train tickets arrivedd!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeep! The very next morning, which was pretty damn impressive tbh.
Sooooo excited now. The next 5 and a half weeks are going to be sooooo slow!
I'm going to see a TOT!
He will be sooooo sick of me after being stuck with me for 5 whole nights. I'll probably be kicked out by the friday night. Haha.
Or the first time I start singing reealllyyy badly to myself.
Also, I hope he has stocked up on Orange Lucozade before I get there... Hehe.
Tot Tot Tot Tot Tot!
This is like 3 years of excitement, all squished into a few weeks! =)
And to think I was so excited about going to London for the Day! I keep forgetting about that part now! Haha.

Anyway, we went off the Southend thursday. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! Although, we were sat eating some chips on the seafront, and there was this HUGE gust of wind, and it blew chips everywhere, and a full can of coke straight into ryans lap! Which, naturally, I found HILARIOUS.
I'm such a mean sister. Lol.
I took lots of pictures with my new camera. I LOVE my camera.
Anddddd I SAW A PETEY!
Well, he saw me... I managed to walk straight past him. Even though I was looking for him. Clearly I'm very observant. =/

Saturday I saw Gavin. =) We went up to Ashridge, and it was sooo pretty. Was a little concerned that we'd end up getting lost on the way, like when we followed Ryans Sat Nav... And my sense of direction would be no help to anyone. But Gavins sat nav is clearly better cos we got there fine. Lol
Wandered through the trees and found this random little house/hut/shack/shed... I would imagine it belonged to whoever looked after the grounds at one point, but now its just something for kids to write all over. Haha.
So theres me, sat on the little deck, watching Gavin wander around aimlessly, then hes just all, 'I wonder how many people have been killed here...' Haha! Totally scares me at times. ;)

Then yesterday me and the family were GOING to go for a picnic... But it rained. So we just had our picnic in the car, cos we're cool like that. =)

It was fine by me, cos I feel pretty rough the last couple of days. All I want to do is sleep. =/ Meh.

I think I was awake for about 8 hours yesterday... Out of the whole day... Thats not right!! Lol.

Ah well.

Love Love xx

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