My Angels

People who touched my life. Made it better. Made ME better.
Taken away far too soon.
Rest in peace.
Gone, but never forgotten.

The first person with CF that I ever met, face to face. You touched my life. The way you fought so hard. The way no matter how you felt, you had such a sweet and caring heart. You were so strong for someone so young. I kept every picture, every card and letter, every thing you ever made me. xx

Marc Prosser
My 'Big brother'. My friend. My hero. I miss you every single day Markey. I wish I could just pick up my phone and send you a message. Or that your name would pop up on msn. Losing you, left a big space in my life that no one can ever quite fill. You were one amazing guy, and my main inspiration to keep on fighting. If I couldve had a big brother, I would have wanted him to be just like you. Love you always. xx

Georgie Steadman
Special lady, where do I start?
You never failed to make me smile when we spoke. I still cant listen to a Queen song without thinking of you, and how you used to make the whole of Papworth listen to them.
I'll never forget sneaking around the childrens ward, sitting in your room watching russell brand at all hours, giggling so much we got in trouble. But Helen never could tell us off without laughing. And sneaking down to Ward 26, to try and draw on Karens face while she was asleep. And tormenting Dante, you trying to convince him that 26 was haunted. And then feeling bad cos the poor kid had to sleep down there!
You were amazing, and I wish all the time that I could have you back, to chat to, to gossip with. xx

Louis Blackledge
My little ninja. You really were one of a kind. There arent really words to describe our relationship, or what you meant to me. I will never ever forget you, you were an amazing friend, and you could always make me smile with just a couple of words.
We had the same slightly insane sense of humour, and you understood me on a level that no one else ever has. Love you Loulou. xx

Nick Jollyman
I miss you Nick. Every day. It still hurts. I'm so so grateful I got to say my goodbyes. It broke my heart, seeing you, watching you slip away, and knowing I couldnt change a thing. But I'm glad I had a chance to make sure you knew I loved you.
Thankyou for everything. Thankyou for being my friend, thank you for listening to me, thankyou for helping me deal with things.
Always in my heart. xx

Ed Nicholls
My hero. Lol. You used to joke about it, as you saved me from the various bugs that used to hide in my room. I was a complete wimp, but you didnt care. You know, I dont think I've ever seen a moth in my room at papworth. Still protecting me, even now. Hehe.
When I first moved to Papworth, one of the nurses told me, 'Everyone knows Ed, and if you know Ed, you'll know everyone.' She was right, you know. xx

Gaz Torrance
The first person with CF I ever spoke to. You made me realise that I wasnt alone, and I can never thank you enough for that.

Naoishe Doherty

Ally Morgan

David Downes

Suzy Sadler

Vicky Dobbins

David Gilmour

Mike Ward

Louise Haxley-Strachan

Jordan Caprani

Charmaine Dixon

All my love, always. xx