17 June 2011

I Hate Stairs.

Rawr! =)

Feeling slightly better than a few days ago, which is always good. Still not right though. My lungs hate me at the minute, I am CONSTANTLY breathless, on the most tiny and minimal effort. And then it takes me ages to get my breathing back under control. =/
Was getting home from town yesterday... 3 flights of stairs to get up to the train station... And then another flight of stairs when I got back to Leagrave. Its only a 4 minute train ride, I hadnt even recovered from the first lot!! I NEED TO DRIVE!

The stairs at home arent really fun either.
Its funny, because if I'm distracted, or excited, or hyper, I forget myself and try to run up the stairs at home.
It lasts about 4 steps.
I sort of crawl up the rest...

But oh well. We'll get there. I have far too much to look forward to, to let this get me down.

I escaped Clinic without IVs on wednesday... WIN! My lung functions were fairly stable at 41%, but I was wheezing a bit and feeling tight chested, so we decided to try some steriods and see how it goes. Doctor didnt seem to think my problems were infection based, and I agree, so home IVs seemed a bit of a waste of energy.
Got to go back on the 29th. To check I'm well enough before going up north. =)

Got to see Gavin after Clinic too. (More WIN! Lol.) I dragged him round town shopping for birthday presents. He survived the Disney store... AND Early Learning Centre! I'm quite proud to be honest.
He has this obsession that I am like Pam, from The Office US. Personally I have never watched it, so I have no idea if this is a good thing or not, lol. But he thinks I should do my hair like her now.
She actually has amazing hair, I would LOVE hair like hers. Might try it sometime, just to keep him happy.

Want to get this weekend out the way now.... Looking forward to next week. Got the Charity night down the pub on Thursday, and then Danni's Party on Saturday, and off to London to see Stiv and Claire on Sunday.
Gonna be exhausted by Monday, but it will be soooo worth it. <3
Will get lotsss of pictures too. Need to add to the collage on my wall. =)

Some of you will know, that the very beautiful, and amazing Kirstie Mills got married yesterday. She is now Mrs Kirstie Tancock.
She looked absolutely perfect, just like a princess. I wish her and Stu all the happiness in the world, and hope that she gets that call for new lungs very soon.


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