11 June 2011

Wristband =(

I was sat in the car today, being all thinky.
(Gavs fault for his silly music. Lol.)

A couple of weeks ago, the day I was discharged from Papworth actually, I broke my CF wristband.
Now those of you that know me very well, will know that I'd had that FOREVER. I got it years and years ago. And it was after Shahara passed away that I decided I was going to wear it all the time, to remind me of her and the reasons I need to make the best of every day.
And I pretty much have worn it all time time. On the rare occasions I've taken it off, its gone into a pocket and straight back on. When I went for surgery, Mum looked after it until I was awake enough to ask for it back.
As time went on, I lost other friends to CF, and it represented them all, but most of all Shahara. She was the first person with CF I 'knew' in person.

She was very poorly and we couldnt mix as she grew Cepacia and was in isolation, even back in the childrens ward days of no strict cross infection control.
She was also about 5 years younger than me. But we still used to write each other little notes, and get the nurses to run them back and forth. She drew me pictures, made cards, even made me a 'necklace'. She was lovely. She also had amazing handwriting considering she was about ten at the time.
When she passed away it hit me hard, because she was just so young. I was only 15 or 16 at the time. I was only just coming to understand CF properly, if I'm honest.

But yes. So I was very upset, when my wristband finally gave up. I meant so much to me. Silly, I know, but I did have a few little tears. =/
I'd only taken it off, so I could wash my hands and arms properly, because I'd got Imipenem on myself while I did my IVs. And it smells HORRIBLE! It had a slight tear in it already, and it just gave up and 'Ping'. Meh. =/
Both Dad, and Stiv, went out and ordered me new ones. Which turned up the same morning. I'm wearing both at the minute. And I love them loads. But, its just not the same somehow.

Also, saw Gavin today. =) We were sat in Luton, and he asked if we had an Apple Store, which we dont.
Then we started talking about how Milton Keynes is so much better because it has a LEGO STORE.
And then, we decided to just randomly go to Milton Keynes to look round the Lego Store and the Apple Store. Haha. Because we're cool.
I loved the Lego Store. I was so tempted to buy Stiv Lego for his birthday, so I can play with it when I go up north. <3 LOL!
Also, I was totally in TWO shopping centres today and never stepped in a New Look OR a Disney Store... Must be ill tbh!


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