8 May 2011

The Walk!


It was a fantastic day! Even the weather was pretty much perfect. The sun came out, most the time, but it wasnt hot enough to make it difficult. =)

This is us, before we started. =)

We set off at around half past 11. Everyone set off together. There were a few of the nurses who we knew from the childrens ward at the luton and dunstable hospital, as well as our old CF Consultant and CF Specialist nurse. Back from when we were still 'Children'. Hehe! ;)

The first half of the walk was definately easier.
Well, except a fairly nasty downhill part. Walking down a fairly steep slope, covered in leaves, when its rained overnight... NOT fun times! I'm amazed I didnt end up in a heap at the bottom!

We stopped at the Halfway point, just on the edge of Dagnall, for a rest and drink. We munched on Kitkats, and there were cakes, and muffins, and water and haribo. Clearly they know how CF Patients think... LOL! It must have been quite a sight for all the people driving past in their cars. About 60 of us, just randomly sat on the grass on the side of the road, munching away!
I tried to ring Mum, or Dad, or Ryan. But the signal around Ashridge is terrible. I had signal because we were a couple of miles out, but they were still back at the start, where there is no signal. So I failed at letting them know it was okay. Lol.
So I rang Gavin and said hi, and updated my facebook status (naturally), and took pictures, and munched. =)
And Stiv was texting me all the time I had signal too, the encouragement was much needed... Especially for the second half!
I was so grateful for all the support we got today. I had lots of facebook messages and texts, wishing us luck, and it was really appreciated!

Setting off the second time was always gonna be harder. And this was BEFORE we discoved most of the second half was uphill.
We definately struggled. Ellis got left behind a bit with one of the Nurses. My lungs felt like they were gonna explode. It was rough. Lol.

Then we decided to hang back, and wait for Ellis and Viv to catch us up. When we finally all got back together, we realised we couldnt actually see anyone else...
So yes, as was bound to happen, we ended up lost in the woods.
I'd joked about it. But it was bound to happen. Haha.

But, we found our way eventually. Probably not the proper route, but hey. We never like to be normal! Haha.

The worst part of all was probably realising we had finished, but the car was still a 10 minute walk away! Lol. And I couldnt even get a signal to get anyone to bring the car nearer.

Still, we made it. Despite everything, Me, Ellis and Danni, survived walking 10km around Ashridge, and so far have raised £609 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

And at the end!! Finally!

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