19 May 2011

Didnt see that one coming...

So I come to clinic yesterday morning...
My lung functions were down to 37%. Only 1% off my lowest ever. So things clearly arent great.
I see the doctor, and decide to start home IVs, while I wait for a bed. Which is exactly what I expected to happen.
So, I go and hand my prescription in to pharmacy. Make my appointment for next week. And go back to wait for the nurse to access my port... I'm sat there reading my book, and the nurse comes in and says they have a bed. Now.
That NEVER happens!

Turns out it was for the best. Had 2 bleeds last night. =/ Not fun.

Anyway, Dad was my hero. He finished work early, so he could bring my stuff up last night. =) Which was lucky because I had nothing with me!!

So. I'm back in Papworth. Fun Fun.

On Fosfomycin and Imipenem. So I feel like Death. =/ Nice.

Complete lack of energy anyway, so gonna leave it here for now.


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