17 May 2011

The Little Things.

Sometimes, its the little things that mean the most.
So I thought I'd explain some of the little things, that I have grown to appreciate. =)

- Text Messages. I've mentioned this before, I believe. But I do love getting text messages. From some people, in particular, but they know who they are. Lol. I love having texts when I wake up in the morning. Knowing that someone was thinking about you, without you having to text them first. =)

- Hugs. This one is fairly common I guess. I love hugs. I am very cuddly... And sometimes a hug can fix anything. Maybe only temporarily, but it can. I would be quite happy to just snuggle up on the couch and watch tv, and be hugged. Lol.

- Letters and cards. Proper handwritten post! Its so rare to get anything handwritten anymore! And of course, anything that isnt from the hospital, or the benefits people, is a bonus.

- Holding Hands. This is irrelevant, while I'm single, but I used to love holding hands. Just that small show of affection. Not over the top, making people gag... Haha. But just enough to show the world that you are together, and you're happy for them to know it.

- Stars. I LOVE the stars. Absolutely adore them. I quite often just sit on my windowsill, and stare out at them on a clear night. They're just another example, of the world at its most beautiful, and most simple.

- Nature. I have always been easily pleased. And always loved something pretty. So nature is a fairly obvious one. There is so much natural beauty, all around us, all the time. The trees, and flowers, lakes and rivers, beaches, and forests... So much, everywhere we look. Even the weather is beautiful at times. A fresh blanket of snow. The sunshine, hitting water. Frost settled on the trees and grass, like a layer of diamonds...

- My Best Friends. Stiv and Emma. The are both amazing, in their own ways. Stiv may be 250 miles away, but I know I can always tell him anything, and trust him more than anyone. Love him lots. Emma, I've know since I was 6. No matter what, I know if I needed her, she'd be here in an instant. They keep me going.

- Photos. At times, I think I probably take too many photos. But I love capturing all those moments, and memories. Sometimes, when I'm not well, its nice to sit and flick through them all. See the smiles, and remember exactly why I keep on fighting... So there can be more memories, and more smiles.


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