4 May 2011

Annual Review Results =)

Had my results todayyyy...

All in all, it was better than I expected.

My lung function was the main down point. It has slowly declined over the year, as always. They showed me the graphy thing, its all a bit downhill. =/

BUT, on the other hand, my walk test was really good. The consultant said it was better than expected, for someone with my lung function. So thats always good. And the fact that my oxygen levels are normally pretty good, is another positive.
Just have to hang on to my lung function now. Try to stay in the 40's and not the 30%'s.

My IV requirement is higher than they'd like. But they admitted themselves, that theres not much they can do about that because I cant tolerate most nebulised drugs. Its just a case of doing the best we can.

My liver stuff was all pretty stable from last year. Had a few blips, but my IV requirement means my liver is always gonna suffer a bit.

And somehow, the glucose tolerance test results were actually better than last year!
Apparently overdosing on lucozade is the cure to diabetes... ;) Haha.
I still have 'impaired glucose tolerance', but the fact it was better, and not worse, is always a bonus.

Theyre referring me back to Addenbrookes now, because of my sinuses. Because I complained loudly today about how much pain I'm having. I'm reliant on painkillers, which I dont like. Fun times. Probably gonna mean more surgery eventually. Meh.

As for todays general clinic-ness, my lung function was 44%, which I was quite happy with cos I feel okay. Been started on Steroids and Antihistamines, because I've had a slight cough, but we think that could be more hayfever than anything.
Andddd, providing everything goes to plan, they dont want to see me for SIX WEEKS!!!!!

I'll believe that when I see it... ;)
Gonna have a damn good try though.

Now, time to enjoy my summer! And plot all kinds of fun stuffffff!


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  1. Its always good when results go the right way :)

    Hope you reach your six weeks, I'm averaging 4. Love when I go to clinic and see a newbie doctor; try and bluff my way to 3 months but it never works!
    Take care.