2 May 2011

RIP Charmaine xx

As if I needed them, CF has decided to come along and give me even more reasons to do this walk on sunday.

RIP Charmaine xx

Its a harsh reminder, of just why I wanted to do this in the first place. So that this will STOP happening.

So that we can stop losing our friends.
So that parents stop losing their children, and children stop losing their Mummys and Daddys. So that people stop losing their partners, the ones they love, the ones they care about.

Walking for those who cant...
Its a phrase I've kind of adopted the last few weeks, when I think about this. It keeps me focussed, on exactly why I'm doing this. Because I've had my moments when I wonder what on earth I'm thinking of.
And then I think of Marc. And Georgie. And Louis. And Ed. Ally. Jordan. Suzy. Gaz. And the list of people which is just far too long.

I want to walk for all those people we've lost along the way.
And all those people who physically cant anymore. I still can. I'm not reliant on oxygen or a wheelchair yet.

And not just them, but all the families and friends too. Everyone that CF is hurting or has hurt.
In the hope that one day, this will all be over. One day, CF wont be able to hurt anyone.

I know 10km/6 miles isnt THAT far, in comparison to marathons, and people who climb mountains and stuff. But to me, with my lungs, its practically a mountain. With a lung function that sits between 35-45%, it makes a big difference.


Thankyou, to everyone that has sponsored us so far. People have been amazing. =)

I'll leave you with a few pictures from Ashridge.
Drove up with Ryan today, so he knows where hes going at the weekend when he takes me and Danni.
Note to all Sat Nav users: Sat Navs LIE. Lol.

Love xx

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