13 May 2011


You know when theres someone on your mind, and everything you see, everything you hear, every song you listen to, EVERYTHING makes you think about them, and your mind somehow connects everything to them...
Fucking annoying, isnt it? But I still love it anyway. Makes no sense. Lol.
I'm already the most insanely emotional person I know, with an ability to cry at anything. I dont need any added help! Sigh.


I dont really understand it. But I daresay I'll pick it up as I go along.
Only really got it as a new way to stalk Stiv. Haha. =)

FINALLY heard from the ESA people today. Theyre going to give me money!! Just need to send them a medical certificate, and like prove I'm not pretending to have CF or anything... (I bloody wish...) Haha.

Anyway, once thats done, I'll go on the assessment rate while their doctors assess me. Again with the making sure I'm really ill. Lol.
But thats £50 a week I didnt have before!! Plus they'll backdate it to when I sent my forms off. Yay.

I FINALLY wont be reliant on mum and dad for every tiny little thing!! There are no words to explain how happy this makes me.

In other random news, I have an obsession with dairylea cheese spread!! Omg, I had forgotten how much I love it.
Oh and I managed to throw myself the WHOLE way down the stairs yesterday and not hurt myself! Proud much, that takes skill.

Lungs are acting up a little bit. =/
It has been 6 and a half weeks off IVs, but I would like them to hold out a little longer.
I dont feel terrible, yet, but I'm getting quite coughy, and I've had a couple of little bleeds over the last few days. (Which I'm working on hiding from Mum... Cos she gets all over protective.) I've got tranexamic acid at home anyway, so I've started that, and I guess I'll ring Papworth next week if I still dont feel great.
I've learnt not to leave it til the last minute, I only end up regretting it when I feel like shit, and wonder why I didnt listen to mum. I'm relying on the power of positive thinking a bit though. Lol.

Got to stay well anyway. Got lots planned at the end of June.
CF Charity night down the pub. Evies 1st birthday!!!!! (Excited for that, much. Although she cannot POSSIBLY be nearly 1.) Danni's 18th Party. And Race for Life.
All in the space of 4 days!!
Got to find a costume for Danni's party still. ARGH!



  1. well feel better so we can see each other in 2 wks.

    way to go on the stairs lol.

    good work staying off IVs so long.

    you're awesome <3

  2. Little bit lost without you <3

  3. Oh and be careful on those STAIRS. Silly Tot.

  4. Urmmm my party isn't fancy dress :P