10 May 2011

Crazy Cat Lady?

I have decided that between Guys, and Families, we would all be much happier, living alone with crazy numbers of cats for company. FACT.
Have you ever met a crazy cat lady, that is miserable? No, I doubt it. Lol.
So, thats my plan.
I'm gonna be a crazy cat lady.
My little hearts been working overtime recently, and it cant take much more. Loving hundreds of cats would be much easier. =)

Ah, if only life was so simple. Haha. It just doesnt work like that.
I guess it'd be awfully boring if we didnt have all these little dramas to keep us occupied.
Sometimes, boring would be nice though. Just once in a while. Lol.

I dunno how girls do it in the movies. They meet to handsome guy, make them fall in love, beat the bad guys, learn some amazing moral lesson, and manage to look hot the whole time. I cant manage to do any one of those things at a time! Haha.

I'm so bloody achey from sunday. Lol. The muscles in the backs of my legs are suffering. My lungs arent 100% happy either.
But I'll be alright. I feel better than I expected to be honest, I thought I'd spend most of yesterday in bed. Lol.

I feel amazing considering I've been out of hospital 6 weeks now. Normally I'd be struggling majorly by now, without throwing a 10km walk up hills into the equation!!

I had a good run this time last year too. Apparently April and May are good months for me. =)


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