13 April 2011

Random Chattyness

We reached the £300 target for our sponsored walk! I'm very happy right now!
And we're going to beat it! Because my parents, and mums work friends havent even sponsored me yet. As well as anyone else who decides to sponsor us!


Its amazing, and I'm so so grateful for every single penny that people have given the CF Trust because of us.

If you click here, you can read the post I wrote last month, explaining some of the reasons why I wanted to do this walk.

But basically, I want to do this, in memory and honour of all those people, who cant. All the special people, who have touched my heart, and made me a different person. People who were not much older than me, younger in some cases, who should have had their whole lives ahead of them still. And not just them either, but other people with CF, all over the country and the world, who were loved by their own family and friends.

I have lost a lot of friends to Cf over the last couple of years. Its been hard, and sometimes its easy to just feel like giving up. But I'm still here. And its no good giving up, when I could live my life the best I can, and try to make them proud. And to make sure they are remembered.

And I have a lot of friends who are waiting for transplants. Desperately waiting for that call that will change their lives.
Three beautiful ladies, Chantelle, Kirstie and Lisa, have all just been accepted onto the waiting list for new lungs in the last couple of weeks. Theres nothing I'd love more than to see them get those calls, and be able to do all the things that they cant right now.

This time last year Ellis would never been able to even think of doing this with us. Now, thanks to some truly amazing person, who we'll never know, she is able to. =) I will forever love the donor, who gave her another chance at life. I love my Ellis.

Yeahh, feel the love people. Lol.

I have a lot of love for a few of my friends at the minute. Because as well as Ellis and Danni who are doing this walk with me, some other friends have been plotting away behind the scenes. =)
With no prompting, or suggestions from me, they started planning a Charity night down the Pub. As well as several other individual fundraising sponsored things.
It means a lot to me that they care enough to even think about doing it, let alone actually going ahead with it!

Health-wise, I'm doing okay for now. My sinusitis is playing up, which means daily headaches, and keeping myself constantly dosed up on painkillers. I'm going to have to get referred back to Addenbrookes to get looked at. Which is annoying as my last Sinus surgery was only March last year, and I have a feeling they'll suggest the same route again. =/
But my lungs are okay.
I'm constantly tired, but thats not really new anymore, I am just easily exhausted these days.

I'm looking forward to the summer now.
Theres loads of birthdays coming up over the summer. Liz's wedding in a few months. Danni's 18th to look forward to. Lots of fun stuff. =)

Lovelove xx

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