23 April 2011

20 Facts About Moi.

So this is something I'd seen someone else do. And decided to kill some time with myself...

1. I am insanely emotional. I feel everything so passionately. And I cry far too much. Not just when I'm sad, but also when I'm scared, when I'm happy, when I'm relieved, when I'm angry... Just all the bloody time.

2. I love to read. I would rather read a book than watch a film any day. Using your imagination to create a world in your own head, and then develop each character, make them your own, watch them grow, learn to love them or loathe them... I'd created my own narnia, long before the films came out. =) I've always loved to sit and escape into a world within the pages of a book, and I always will. Its got a magic of its own.

3. I love a good disney movie. I love the way the bad guys always lose in the end, and the good guys always win. I love the way everything always works out, and everyone is happy, and everything is beautiful. I love the way singing fixes everything. I love the happily ever after.

4. I love summer evenings. When the sun has gone, but its still warm enough to be comfortable outside. I love listening to the birds singing to each other.

5. I also love watching the sun set.

6. I am scared of Moths. I will run. I will scream. If there is a moth in my room, I wont go to bed. I panic, and my heart races. Despite the fact I KNOW they cant hurt me. I think its the way moths have no fear. They are quite happy to fly straight into your face.

7. I love my cat, far more than is probably considered normal. I also take far too many pictures of him. Because hes always either being cute, or stupid, both of which are fun to photograph.

8. The person I feel closest too in the entire world, lives 250 miles away, and I've never met in person... Strange? Maybe. But I would trust him with my life. I cant imagine not having him as a part of my life. I wouldnt want to.

9. I wish I could go back to high school and start over. I got good grades at high school. I passed my GCSEs with 3 As (Math, RE and Textiles), 3 Bs (English Language, English Literature and French), 2 Cs (Double Science) and a GNVQ Merit in ICT. I went to college to study childcare because thats what I wanted a career in, but my health and attendance meant I didnt finish. I passed everything I completed, but I was months behind. If I could do it over, I'd take A levels in subjects which were less practical, and could be studied from hospital more easily.

10. I do send far too many text messages. At least 2000 a month. On a quiet month. Lol! And I love it when I have 'Good morning' messages when I wake up. Its one of the little things I miss from being in a relationship. I would always have a 'good morning' and 'good night'. And the cute little text messages, to say 'I love you', or 'I miss you'. I'm also guilty of saving messages to read when I'm feeling miserable. =) Lol.

11. I always fall for the wrong guys. I think thats true of a lot of girls, I suppose. But I definately have a talent for it.

12. My lung function is now at a level where I almost certainly wont be having children of my own, unless I get magically better. Being a mum is the one thing I've always imagined myself doing, it comes naturally, I love being around children. It upsets me, but I'm dealing with it. It means I have even more love for the children of my friends, particularly Liz's little girl, Evie. And if Ryan ever has children, I will be the greatest Auntie EVER. =)

13. I am very close to my Mum. And it is rare that we fight. But when we do, we really go for it. We do it in style. LOL! I love her a lot though. And I love my Dad. I have amazing parents, I couldnt ask for anything more.

14. I take a lot of photos. I would love to one day take some kind of course, and learn how to do all kinds of fancy stuff, because I do enjoy trying to be creative.

15. I keep things. Lots of things. I have pictures and letters from a CF friend, Shahara, who passed away when I was about 15. I have artwork and notes from a patient (and her parents) I befriended on the childrens ward, who was 2 at the time. I have good luck cards from my GCSEs, and get well cards from my college friends and the nursery where I was on placement. I have notes from Pete, and cards from Megz on my wall in my room. As well as a christmas card from Stiv, because he drew a tigger in it. And a christmas card from Nick, which I treasure because he wrote it himself, despite the fact his eyesight was failing, and he could barely hold a pen. He wanted to write it. He passed away on the 23rd December.

16. Joint pain had ruined my handwriting. I used to have the most amazing hadwriting, but now it hurts to hold a pen for longer than a couple of minutes. =(

17. I drink an insane amount of Orange Lucozade. It cant possibly be healthy. But its so good, and it hasnt killed me yet. Haha.

18. Sun burn sucks. (I got burnt on my chest today... Its irritating me. Lots.)

19. I cannot swim. Its something I hate myself for, because I LOVE the pool. I'm slightly afraid of water, but I do love swimming pools. Not logical, I know. Lol. I also LOVE the smell of swimming pools.

20. I'm very easily pleased. I dont need big fancy gestures. And I'm a complete romantic at heart. I'd love to walk along the beach, or the river, or through the park, hand in hand, on a warm summers evening, and then lay and stare at the stars.
Soppy, I know. =/ But ah well.

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