10 April 2011

Sunny Days = Ice Cream

Soooo! Its been a good few days!

I saw Sammi on thursday! Which was awesome. I havent seen her properly in years. Definately missed her, and need to see her more. =) And Emma is home for Easter now too, so hopefully I'll see her soon.

The weather has been amazing! Had several days of sunshine, and 20 degree heat! I've even managed to catch the sun, slightly! Yesterday we headed up to Stockwood Park, to go for a walk. And then today we decided to go to Ashridge for a picnic when Ryan finished work. Lots of sunshine, lots of walking, and LOTS of ICE CREAM! =) YAY!

I took loads of pictures in amongst the trees. I definately need to get myself a decent camera, because I love taking pictures. And the 2 megapixels on my phone camera are not cutting it! Haha.

Health wise, I'm doing great! Which makes a nice change. Had a fairly nasty bleed thursday afternoon, but it seems to have been a one off, and after a nap I felt fine again. So its all good I think, for now. =)


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