6 April 2011

Get in mah Belly.

Dont ask about the title. I dont even know. Michelle mentioned Austin Powers, and thats all I can think now...

Sooo, now I'm not overdosing on Septrin, I'm picking up nicely. Feeling much more like myself, which is good, cos sunday and monday were scary.

Went up to clinic today so they could take my blood... SEVEN attempts later. Not impressed. But to her credit, the poor nurse kept on apologising. I was upset, but I do know its my veins, and not her at fault, so I kept telling her not to worry.

Bloody hurt though.

Had a crap night last night. Some personal friend issues which are far too complicated and pathetic to bother explaining, but yeah, woke up feeling pissed off with the world. And then the sun came out.

Somehow, the sunshine has this sort of magical way of just making everything seem better. So who cares if one person is being an idiot, I have plenty of other people who I love, who deserve my time. I will be happy and enjoy my life, for them. Screw everyone else. =)

Well, I'll try. Lol. Its not always simple, but I can try.

Went and saw Mel today too. Not seen her and Scarlett much since I split with Matt. I guess I was worried that friendship would be awkward, seeing as it was only really started because of him. But it was fine, so I shouldnt have worried. =)

And seeing Sammi tomorrow! Not seen her in years! Literally! Lol. So that should be awesome! And Pub tomorrow night I think. I wont be drinking because I'm playing nice with my liver for a bit... But some giggles and sugary coke, and who needs alcohol? Hehe.

Finally, the lovely Kirstie Mills got to meet Russell Howard yesterday! Or 'Russ' as she likes to call him now... ;) Lucky girl. Hehe. You can read all about it on her blog.



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  1. Lol, I thought the blog was going to be about food! Haha. Glad you're feeling better my love!! Agree with you about the sun, always puts a smile on my face too :)
    Enjoy yourself tomorrow night xx