26 April 2011

Crazy Magpies, and other fun.

OMG! A magpie flew into my window!!
I'm sat here, minding my own business, and then BAM! Magpie goes splat!
It seemed to be okay. It landed on the shed, shook all its feathers out, and then flew off into a tree.
SCARED the living daylights out of me though! And kitty who was sleeping on my windowsill!

Crazy magpie caused some major giggling, once it was okay, and I recovered from my initial surprise. Lol.
Which naturally resulted in a coughing fit. *Rolls Eyes*

Stupid lungs.
They're driving me insane. Even when I'm not sick, I'm constantly stressing over them. Every little thing makes me panicky.
Every coughing fit leaves me wondering how long until I have to phone papworth, how long til I need IVs, how long til I cough up more blood.

On the plus side, I AM actually pretty well. =)
I even managed to CANCEL a clinic appointment today! Haha. I have my Annual review results next week. But for some reason they'd sent me an appointment for tomorrow as well.
I am not going up there 2 weeks in a row, when I'm feeling okay! Its pointless. I dont like them that much! I'll just stick to next week. Lol.
I cant remember when I last got to cancel an appointment! Normally I'm ringing them up to beg for extra ones! Haha.

I think the weather has had an effect on my health. I've been outside, and enjoying myself, and feeling generally happier, which has a positive effect on everything else. =)

Now I just want to make everyone else happy. I absolutely hate seeing my friends down, or sick, I just want to fix it!!
Feeling helpless is horrible.
I'm used to ME being ill. I can deal with that. I'd quite happily be ill all the time, if I could just see everyone else happy.

I'm definately looking forward to the summer now, and all the fun it shall bring.
I'm hoping that I'll be able to go and visit Pete in Southend at some point.
And Stiv in those strange northern lands where he lives. (This is code for, I've forgotten the name of the place... Lol.)

So YAY! =)


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