22 April 2011

Tan lines and other stuffzz.

I cant believe how awesome the weather has been the last few days! I've spent so much time sat in the garden, reading or listening to music, or just listening to the birds sing or the children up the road laughing. =) Its lovely.

I got tan lines today!
This is quite an achievement for me! I usually go from pale, to burnt and back to pale again. With no tanned stage in between. But today I have very definite tan lines! Haha. YAY! Slightly burnt on my chest, and my shoulders though. =/ Lol.

Ryans birthday tomorrow! Well, in under an hour now! Scary.
My little brother is all grown up now.
Still my little brother though. Bless him.
He bought me 3 Kinder Buenos yesterday. Because I didnt want an easter egg. I dont really like chocolate much, which is weird I know. I just dont. I'd rather have sweets, or crisps. But he knows I've had a slight obsession with them recently.
He can be sweet. When he wants to... Thats just not very often. Haha!

I'm still waiting patiently for any kind of response from the ESA forms I sent off. Its only been 3 weeks, but just some kind of acknowledgement would be nice. Meh. =/

Urgh, on a side note, why are matters of the heart so damn complicated!! GAH!
Love, and relationships, and all related topics... They all just cause so much heartache.
Why cant it be like the movies. Where everyone just sings to each other, and lives happily ever after? =) Lol

Lovelove xx

Oh, just over 2 weeks til our walk!!
I'm actually looking forward to it, because this weather has me feeling pretty good, and I'm actually feeling rather positive about it all. =)



  1. I'm sorry I cause you heartache =(

  2. Are you having love troubles too? :( xx