1 April 2011

Home stuff

Home is good. =)

I have completely exhausted myself, already.

Went into town yesterday, to see Liz and pick up a couple of cards. Which meant walking to the train station, (15 minutes, and a hill) walking round town, then walking back from the station.

Then I went to the pub. And overdid it a tiny bit.

So yeah, suffering today. I need to learn to slow down a little I think. I do like to do everything at once. Lol.

But I got to see Liz and Evie. And look in a wedding dress shop. (PRETTY!) And get dirty looks for pushing a push chair around. Apparently I dont look old enough to have a 9 month old baby. Haha.

And I drove Ryans car yesterday! Haha. Only to the end of the road. And only at about 3mph. LOL! But I drove. It was scary. But awesome at the same time. I've never really had any desire to drive. Its always just been something that I figured I'd do eventually. But now, after a couple of minutes in a car, I am desperate to start driving!! =)

I sent off my DLA and ESA forms today. The social worker sorted them out for me. So in a few weeks I should know what I am entitled to, and hopefully I'll be a little less reliant on my parents for every little thing. The social worker couldnt believe I'd only been claiming lowest rate care DLA until now. Hopefully the DLA people will agree with him. Haha.

Lovelove xx

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