22 March 2011

Papworth, Day 6

Hey guys.

So, Papworth is lovely as ever.

I'm not getting on great with the drugs. They put me on Tazocin. And I've had a sore throat for the last 3 days.
Now, their answer is to say its a viral thing, or possibly thrush. And not listen to a word I say.
Personally, i think its a reaction to the Tazocin. Because it gets worse with each dose, every time. And immediately with each dose I'm getting tingling in my lips and tongue, and burning tickly feeling in my throat.

But hey, I'm only the patient, so what do I know.

I'll stick it out til tomorrow, when I see the consultant. But I'm not happy. I've been dealing with hospital admissions and IVs for 6 years... I KNOW when something isnt right.

Rant over.

Mum and Dad came up sunday to see me. We went on a walk, and walked EVERYWHERE. Lol. Was a lovely day.
The weather has been amazing, which is kinda depressing while I'm stuck in my room attached to the aminophylline drip. Lol. But its nice when I do manage to escape for a few minutes. =)

Anyway, this isnt gonna be a long blog.
Dosed up on Piriton, to try and help the stupid tazocin. It keeps making my mood swing between hyper, and sleepy. And apparently piriton makes me irritable. Lol.

Lovelove xx

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