24 March 2011

Day 8

Yay! They changed my drugs!

The consultant was moaning about how I have so many allergies, because I cant have;

And now we're adding Tazocin to that list. And Tobramycin because of my recent tinnitus issues.
But I still dont want to suffer on drugs I react to, just because it makes things a little more complicated. There is LOADS of IVs they can give me still. They just have to think a bit harder!

I'm on Timentin now anyway. =)

My lung functions hadnt improved yesterday, so it didnt take too much convincing to get them to change the drugs. In fact, they'd actually managed to drop another 2%.
Now I know 2% isnt a big drop... But its still NOT the right direction for my lung function to be going half way into a course of IVs!


I've been struggling with my own emotions the last few days. I'm just missing home. I want my parents, and my friends, and a hug. Not had any visitors since sunday, and wont until saturday. Its hard.
I'm just miserable, and stupidly emotional.
I cried at scrubs last night. LOL!

Stiv and Gavin have been amazing, putting up with my constant harassing them and texting, listening to all my moaning. I love them for it, I couldnt cope without them.
Its helped having Nathan next door to talk to as well. And Daren is around. We've had a few giggles the last few days. We do have some very interesting conversations!
Oh, and Sammie gave me a packet of jelly.
I'm not even gonna try and explain that one... Haha!

I've managed to get out and off the ward a lot today, and enjoy the sunshine. The weather has been amazing. I was wandering around the village today, in a vest top, in march! I walked down to the park and sat on the swings for a while, took advantage of the phone signal and send lots of texts, and rang Pete to say hi. =)
And bought a mini tub of rolo ice cream on the way back. YUM.

I've been trying to do lots of walking, practice for this sponsored walk. And I do love just putting my headphones in, and just walking anyway. Forgetting the world, and vanishing into my music.

Lovelove xx


  1. Yeah they moaned about my allergies to IV's last time I was in. Saying if I go to the tx team with loads of allergies they won't list me! My allergies are: Vancomycin, Septrin, Meropenem and Aminophylline! Glad you managed to get out, Papworth is so annoying for being boring and having no phone signal! x

  2. I'm allergic to cipro too. It annoys my team no end! haha! I swear all hospitals have rubbish signal. I have to literally hang out the windows in the room I usually get to get any signal! Big hugs and I'm sure your lung function will start going in the right direction soon!

    Hope you feel better ASAP! xx

  3. I'm allergic to all the ones you mentioned except Colomycin and Tobra. Before I got transplanted they used Timentin on me, it worked miracles in the begining :)