16 March 2011

Back to hospital. And reality.

Lol. My run of good health is over.

The virus decided to take up residence in hotel Jenni. And as such, my lungs are throwing a little hissy fit. *Sigh*

So, its back into Pappynappyworth tomorrow, for the usual cocktail of drugs, to try and sort myself out.
Hopefully we'll catch it early enough, and it wont be a particularly long stay.

It was strange, went out sunday night feeling slightly rough. And by monday morning I felt terrible.
On the plus side, sunday night was a giggle. Getting rugby tackled by Pete, trying to get his shoe back. Too slow though. It was on the roof at one point, thanks to Ricci. Hehe. In fairness, he threw it at me in the first place, deserved everything he got.
I tried to steal Ricci's beer. Bad plan.
I believe Ricci tried to give Amy a shower in beer at some point too. Things are a little fuzzy. Apparently the alcohol affected me more than I recall! Haha. I do remember the sofa cushions being turned upside down because they were covered in alcohol though. Good times.

Went and bought 6 bottles of orange lucozade this afternoon, ready for taking to hospital with me. Drunk two already. Oops. =/
Also eaten 2 of the bags of sweets I bought.

Ah well. I need to go and pack stuff really.
I've got a few bits.
I've packed 8 DVDs so far, and some socks. Haha. But I suppose, clothes, and underwear, and pjs... Might be handy. Maybe.

Lovelove. xx

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