17 March 2011

My Other Home

So, I'm back in Papworth.

My second home.
Feels like my main home sometimes. Lol.

Ironically... Back in the same room I was stuck in for 4 weeks in January. Haha! I seem to end up in here a lot. Perhaps I should like, paint, and decorate, and make it my own.

My lung functions today were 44%. So not my worst, because they were 36% in December. But also not even close to as good as in clinic a couple of weeks ago. =(

Theyve put me on Aminophylline again, so I'm attached to the drip, but I dont mind too much, because it does help. And I'm on Tazocin and Imipenem for now. And theyve started me on potassium because apparently my potassium is low. I dont know what that means... (Note to self: Google potassium)

Nathan is next door, so at least I have a friendly face from time to time. We need to learn morse code! Lol.

Not typing a massive long post, cos my joints are playing up, and my fingers hurt. =/

Lovelove xx

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