9 March 2011


Dont ask why this is called Monkeys. Just the first thing to enter my head.
Yes, I am weird.
And proud.

Urgh, it is majorly sucky when you let someone into your head, tell them all your feelings.
And they throw it back in your face to hurt you.
Yes, I said sucky. Deal with it. Sucky can be substituted for one of many rude words if you wish.

Not impressed tbh.
Thats the last time I let you into my world.

Sooo, the pain is back with a vengance. Every time I eat more than a 2 year old, I'm in agony. Time to give up eating again. Also, this means Pancake day passed, and I didnt have a single pancake. =/ Bad times, guys, bad times.
Looks like I will be paying papworth a visit, if they remember me. I may not stay long if my chest is okay, but I could do with them looking into this stomach issue. I've tried all my methods. Gah.
Chest is starting to play up anyway... We wont even discuss what I was coughing up the last couple of days. = Better out than in, I know. But still not pleasant. Not wonder my lungs are so screwed if thats what theyre keeping down there! Haha.

AND my joints are playing up. God, I love my body. Not. *Rolls eyes*
Spend most the day, walking round like someone whos about 70. If it can be classed as walking. Lol.

I'm currently sat here listening to my cat meowing angrily at my bedroom door. Normally he comes in a sits/sleeps on my windowsill, as thats his current favourite place.
However, I have about 80 dvds sat on my windowsill. And was woken up at 4am this morning, by about 20 dvds hitting the floor, because he'd decided he wanted to be on TOP of a pile of them.
Normally this would be funny. But seeing as I was asleep, and woken up by the crash as it all hit the floor, I wasnt impressed. Being asleep meant I also missed the sight of him falling, which wouldve made it better, for me. Lol.
So tonight, he can just stay out there and meow.
I'm seriously considering packing him up and sending him to live with Pete, seeing as Pete seems to love him so much. And asks about him like, hourly. Lol.

Anyway, that is all for tonight I think.
Besides, Stiv keeps texting me and telling me to go to sleep. LOL. Bless him. Does he not realise 1am is early for me. Hehe.
Do love him though, hes been there for me lots recently. =)

Lovelove everyone xx

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  1. Always there. Totally not falling asleep.