6 March 2011

Girlyness, continued.

Went out with the girls last night. =D

Was a good night. 8 of us went in the end.
Me, Liz, Lauren, Grace, Ria, Emma, Gemma and Vicki.
Sam was supposed to be coming, but her little girls not been too well for a few days.

Originally, the plan was to go to Nando's, but you cannot book a table at the weekend. Which is bloody stupid tbh. When we got there, it was gonna be a 2 hour wait, just to even get a table. So in the end we had out dinner in the White House. (Wetherspoons)
It was pretty good, but not Nandos. Lol.

Food was irrelvant though really, was just good to see everyone. We couldve ended up in McDonalds and not really cared. Except, McDonalds does not serve alcohol. ;)

I didnt want to come home after, lol. Was on such a high. Which is just proof that my health is the best its been in a while. Normally I'm desperate for the night to end when I'm out, just so I can get home without being the party-pooper. Haha.

Definately not going to leave it so long til next time. If nothing comes up beforehand, I'll plan something in July. Because Liz and Lauren have 21st birthdays in July. And Gemma will have her 20th. So will Sam.
Julys gonna be an expensive month. *Sigh* Thats only the college birthdays. Theres Pete, and Ellis. And Clairey.

Haha. =)

And, 2 more sleeps til Pancake day! ;) LOL!

Lovelove xx


  1. I don't get the fuss over Nando's I don't love it!!

  2. I love Nando's but sometimes find the chicken really dry and I'm not a fan of any of the sauces so I have no choice, boohooo! Glad you had a good night out my lovely! :)x

  3. Yay!!! Nandos rocks!! Glad u had a good night... U deserve it x