14 March 2011

I want to Rattle!

So, just sorting through my drugs, working out what I need topping up on. And thinking about stuff.
So I thought I'd write down whats in my head.

It still amazes me, the amount of stuff I'm on now, In comparison to a couple of years ago.

Creon 10000 - Every time I eat
Azithromycin 250mg (Antibiotic) - Once a day
Septrin 960mg (Antibiotic) - Twice a day
Carbocistine 750mg - Twice a day
Uniphyllin 200mg - Twice a day
Ursodeoxcholic Acid 900mg (Liver) - Once a day
Esomeprazole 40mg - Twice a day
Domperidone 20mg - Three times a day
Ranitidine 150mg - Twice a day
Vitamin E - Once a day
MultiVitamin BPC - Once a day
Vitamin K - Once a day
Calcichew D3 Forte - Twice a day
Sodium Docusate 200mg - Twice/Three times a day
Qvar (Inhaler) - Twice a day
Salmeterol (Inhaler) - Twice a day
Spiriva (Inhaler) - Once a day
Salbutamol (Inhaler) - Three times a day + When required
Hypertonic Saline (Nebuliser) - Twice a day

And that is just the regular stuff for when I'm well, no extra antibiotics, no steroids, no painkillers.
It drives me mad when people complain about taking a course of antibiotics for a week. Selfish I know. And I generally keep quiet. But it really does annoy me at times. Lol.

On some days you can add any of the following:
Prednisolone 40mg (Steroid)
Flucloxacillin 1g (Antibiotic) - Four times a day
Tranexamic Acid (when coughing up blood) - Three times a day
Salbutamol Nebuliser - Four times day
Ondansetron for sickness - Four times a day
Levopromezine for sickness (Spelling?) - Twice a day
Ibuprofen/Paracetamol/Diclofenac for sinus/joint/chest/stomach pain - As many times as I can get away with
Nasal Sprays
Selection of IV drugs

This is the part that people who dont have CF, cant always understand. Even my family dont really get it still. People assume, that being 'well' is easy, you just feel good, and sit around feeling 'normal'.
It doesnt work that way. CF doesnt disappear just because you're not feeling particularly bad that day. Its still there, and you're still fighting it every single day.

Just some days, you win.
Some days, it does.

When its winning, its harder, theres more to do, extra stuff to remember, when you're already struggling.

And people forget you still need support when you're at home. Because if anything, hospital is easy. Sure, it sucks being away from the people you care about, but someone else takes control for a little while. When you come home, you have to find your routine again, start managing all these things you need to do, and take.

Anyway, I'm done I think. Lol.
Guess I'm just thinking a lot today.
I dont feel 100%, mums got a virus, and I think I'm picking it up. I dont want it, because it will put me in the hospital. =/
Stupid body. You'd think it could learn to protect itself a little better. I'm holding up my end of the bargain, just wish it would work a little harder on its end.

Lovelove xx


  1. I know what you mean. My mum is about to start 3 days of antibiotics for toothache and she's complaining about it. I'm on 2 different abx even when I'm well so I totally understand when you say it gets annoying.

    That's quite a concoction you take. What does Septrin do? It's an abx isn't it? I've never had it but my chest is so unstable it might be worth asking about?

    Hope you're ok

  2. You can tell were both at papworth Jennie my list is almost identical to yours just a few differences!!

    Hope you avoid the virus hun and your stomach is a bit better :)

  3. ARGH i mean Jenni!! Sorry I always add the E its because i work with someone is is jennie and always have to write it like that. I also have been known to put an i in my name1 haha