4 March 2011

Need more SUGARZ!



Interview with the very lovely Kirstie Mills. =) And the link to her blog.


Urgh, hypo'd this morning, fairly epically.
I havent had a hypo for a little while now. Which, is good seeing as I'm NOT even diabetic. But I've been stubbornly 'borderline' for about 3 years now. Its usually only if I'm particularly ill, or on steroids that they play up noticeablely though.
But this morning, I get up, wander round, take my pills... The usual. Feeling a little tired, but thats the usual too. Then I notice I'm a little shakey, when I cant put my pills in my mouth. And then out of nowhere, I'm shaking big time, dizzy, feeling faint, and I cant see properly because everythings gone fuzzy.
NOT fun. Especially not when I'm the only person in the house.

Oh well, better now. Still feel a little weak and not quite right. But at least I can see!

I'm supposed to be going into Papworth at the end of next week, for a week of IVs before my annual review. Butttt, I really dont feel like I need it at the minute.
If we hadnt planned for it, I'd have been a mess by now, sods law. Lol.
Sure, I dont feel great. But by my usual standards I'm pretty good! And pumping myself full of drugs seems a waste of time, as does being stuck in hospital, and taking up a bed someone else needs.
I wont cancel yet, because this is me, and I'm not tempting fate! A week is plenty long enough for me to go downhill. But if I still feel good next week, I am not going in. =)
Would be nice to turn down a bed, rather than be desperate for one, just for a change.

Lovelove xx

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  1. oo, I had a bit of a nasty hypo on wednesday after lunch, it was most unpleasant. was weird that it happened just half an hour after I'd eaten a big baked potato though!

    hope they don't become a regular thing and you feel a bit better xx