21 February 2011

Thoughts for today.

Its horrible, missing someone, and not being able to tell them, because you know they wouldnt care anyway.
Applies to a few people in my life right now. =/

Annual Review next month.
Urgh. I hate these things.
They tell me nearly the same thing every year. My lung function has declined over the year. The glucose tolerance tests have got slightly worse, but I'm still just 'borderline'. My liver ultrasound is not great. Etc etc.
Basically, everything is worse. Well, duh. Couldve told them that myself, without spending about 7 hours sat in the hospital.

And Clinic on wednesday, fun times.
I did actually finally remember to ring the hospital and book transport for clinic. So I can get there now. Always handy.
God I wish I could drive.

*At this point, I randomly remember the giant Jelly I made this morning, is sat in the fridge, untouched. And feel I should tell you.*

I'm not totally insane, this thought was prompted by a text conversation with Stiv, about sugar.

*I also now feel the need to tell you, I typed 'conversation with sugar about Stiv', before I checked this for typos.*

I watched the dispatches program about hospital food tonight. Not something I would normally have watched, because I've experienced hospital food first hand enough times to know how bad it is, but Jordan was on it. So I did.
We are lucky to have options other than the crap on the menu, but to be honest, a lot of the other patients dont, and it really needs sorting. If i relied on the hospital menu while I was ill, I'd be in trouble.

The cat keeps sitting on me. Its cute, to begin with. Now all of a sudden, every time I sit down, he appears, and curls up on my lap. No matter where I am.
I was trying to get ready to go and meet mum from work earlier, so I moved him off my lap, and before I even had time to stand up, he was back on my lap!! Determined little creature. Bless him.
Excellent hot water bottle though.

Also, I have a new obsession with Jam sandwiches.
Totally Tori's fault. =/
Tasty habit though, better than smoking. And cheaper than alcohol. Haha.

Lovelove xx

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