19 February 2011

Injection of Happyfulness

To offset those last couple of miserable posts.
Lets have a little injection of happy stuff.

A few more things which make me happy...

- Friends. All of them, in general. Its not always the people you expect, that step up when you need them.
- Nesquik.
- Orange Lucozade. I swear, this stuff actually kept me alive when I spent a month in hospital.
- A Busy Calendar. Okay, this ones a little random I know. But theres something satisfying about seeing my calendar hanging on the wall, with loads of stuff scribbled on it. Generally, cos lots of srcibbles means I wasnt in hospital much that month. Haha.
- Texting all night, until one of you falls asleep. =)
- Babies, and the joy they find in simple things. Especially Evie, because I love her lots.
- Phone calls with Stiv and/or Gary. As well as the fact they are awesome, I do love the accent. Lol.
- Rubber Ducks. Totally shocked this got missed off the original list tbh.
- Jelly tots. Haribo. Milk bottles. Percy Pigs.
- Letters, Cards, Notes... Anything in the post that isnt a letter from Papworth. Because thats about all I get in the post.
- Music.
- Jelly. Yes, I am a complete child.
- Ellis and Danni, and the fact we are doing a sponsored walk for the CF Trust. The fact that they agreed to join, and support me with this, means a lot. =)
- Pancake Day. Enough said really. ;)
- Mexican food. Yum.
- Sam. One of my best friends in the world. We fell out for a while, having him back in my life makes me unbelievably happy. =)
- Being a dinosaur. (I have a dinosaur obsession today. Dont ask, I honestly dont know... Lol)
- You guys, for reading the load of rubbish I write. *Hugs*

Lovelove xx

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  1. :O you love the accent, I totally wish I could talk on the phone then I could pelt you with random geordie messages constantly just b/c I can. I can't explain how badly I want percy pigs but I haven't had them in forever. It's so much effort to go to the shop!! xx