19 February 2011


Coughing. Up. Blood.

Angry = Yes. Much.

I'm so bloody frustrated with my useless lungs. Seriously, can they not just give me a break? They screwed up christmas, and my birthday for me, can they not just give me a couple of months off now?

Its 4 weeks, to the day, since my embolisation. It was one of the most horrible experiences I've had, and not something I want to repeat in a hurry. I knew from the start it wouldnt fix the bleeding permanently, but I must admit to hoping that it would control it for a little longer than 4 weeks!!
I've had 2 bleeds in the last 24hrs now. After the events of December and January, when I didnt go longer than 48hrs without a bleed for a month, I'm feeling a little apprehensive.
I just hope this is a blip, and it'll settle. But after last time, I cant help feeling a bit panicky.

Clinic next week anyway. Had my routine check up booked for wednesday, so we'll see how things are then.
I wont be ringing Papworth unless I'm like, dying. I do not like ringing at night/weekends. Because on call doctors are annoying. A majority of the time, they have no idea who you are, and dont really have much knowledge of CF.

Oh well.
What doesnt kill me, makes me stronger. Apparently. Lol.

Lovelove xx


  1. Awww hun :( I hope it doesn't start again, you deserve a break!
    I agree about the weekend docs, I should really speak to someone at the moment but am waiting until Monday and I most certainly won't be going back in, I've only been out a week!
    Take care of yourself :)x

  2. Dear Jenni's lungs
    That is all