23 February 2011


So, had clinic this morning.
It wasnt great, but.. It wasnt terrible for a change!! Which really does make a change for me. Lol.

Managed to get a lung function of 55%! Dont ask me how, because my lungs dont FEEL like they're working that well. Haha. It was a bit flukey to be fair, I had one good blow, and then another 5 trying to match it, which wasnt happening. Lol. They were all sat stubbornly at 42/43%.

But anyway, regardless of those numbers. The fact remains that I feel fairly rough, I've picked up a cough, which is waking me up repeatedly during the night, constant tiredness and lack of energy, and I had a couple of small bleeds at the weekend.
The consultant thinks the cough and the blood are probably a sign that we're about to hit that downhill slope again. So they're going to admit me in 2 weeks time, so I can get a week of IVs in before my annual review, and keep on top of things.

So another 2 weeks of Papworth next month... Oh yay. Lol.

It was nice to actually have a Doctor who listened to me. Some of them see a decent lung function, and thats it. You must be fine, no matter how you feel. I had one doctor who refused to let me start home IVs because my lung function hadnt dropped. I went back a week later and it was down 18%.
I generally know myself well enough to know whether I'm right or not. The consultants know that. The registrars, not so much. Lol.

On the plus side, all this shouldnt interfere with our night out on the 5th. A load of us girlies from college are going out to Nando's, which should be a laugh. It'll be good to see everyone. =)
I need a night out.

AND I shouldnt be in for Pancake day... Which is clearly very important! Haha. I missed it last year!
And I would be totally gutted to be in hospital for pancake day, after all my discussions with Meg about pancakes!

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  1. I just noticed you made a tag called 'megz' - HOW FUCKING BRILLIANT IS THAT?! Not so good about papworth but at least they're doing something. How I hate the drs that go 'Lalalala I know everything, therefore I'm right' urgh.

    And now I need to go to Nando's. For god sake! xx