5 February 2011

Plenty Giggles

Went to Wycombe yesterday evening, for dinner with Emma and Ben. (Frankie and Bennys... Hmmmm, Yum!) Me and Leanne, should not be trusted to drive anywhere. Despite the fact we had a sat nav.
After it eventually gave up trying to send us on the motorway, (Leanne didnt fancy the m25) It seemed to get its revenge by taking us the most random route it could think of.
And then on the way home, well... LOL. EVERY dark, unlit, single track, creepy road it could think of, we went down it.

It was hilarious. Even with a sat nav, we had no idea where the hell we were most the time.
Never again. Next time Emmas coming home with us. Whether she has Uni work to do or not. LOL!

Also, signed up to do a walk for the CF Trust now. On the 8th May, I will be walking 10km (About 6 miles apparently) through the gorgeous countryside of Ashridge, with Danni and Ellis.
It should be fun. Although at the minute the thought of me walking 6 miles is kinda just funny. Haha.

Anyway, that be all for now I think.

Lovelove xx

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