26 February 2011

Meh = Best. Word. Ever.

I love the word 'Meh'.
If it can be classed as a word, I guess its more a sound. But either way. Its just so great, it can mean whatever the hell you want it to.

I was very impressed with Snail Mail yesterday. Megz got a letter I sent her yesterday, and I didnt even post it until like, half 5 thursday evening. That was one bloody speedy snail!
If you needed something to arrive that fast, it'd take like a week.
Glad it got there though. And I managed to refrain from sending her take away leaflets. I'll save those for Petey, he did love it when I posted him all the cut out pictures from a kebab leaflet. Mwahaha!


Still struggling with Pain. Bad times.
Every time I eat, I'm in agony about 20 minutes later. Its a nightmare. Plus my appetites been really good recently, and I'd just got the dietician off my back! So now I'm hungry, until I've eaten, then I want to cry. I get to either be hungry, or in pain because I ate.
I'm not really a fan of either option if I'm being honest. Lol.

Last night was a rough one, was in a lot of pain with my stomach, and my head was pounding. And for some reason my mind was away with the fairies, thinking about everything, far too much. I pretty much cried myself to sleep I think.

My minds on the ex a lot too. Still struggling to find closure on that one. If anyones got any pointers, feel free to let me know. Lol.
Everytime I think I'm moving forward, I take a few steps back. It was definately the right decision. Its just a big change.
Now I've had time to get over all the crap, and the bad memories, I'm left with all the good stuff, and that hurts more. =/
I'll get there, I guess.

Went shopping with the parents today. They went to look for a new hoover, because we broke ours a while ago, and we made do with this tiny little stupid thing, we had for the car and stuff. Which is not at all practical for hoovering a whole house. That was pretty much the highlight of my day. Haha. Exciting day.
Totally went into Toys R Us, just to stalk Emma while we were out. No idea where she was though. We found her brother, but no Emma!! How rude, she could at least be around when we try to stalk her, her car was outside and everything!

Lovelove xx

Oh and...
(Just in case some rich person comes across my page... Lol.)


  1. I have no pointers for you honey!! When Gregg and I split up I never got over him, hence why we got back together but our split was much different from yours and the ex xx

  2. I don't have any pointers either hun, it's a really hard thing getting over somebody, but time does eventually heal things I promise you. Hope the pain eases soon, all my love x

  3. I GOT POST :D Lalalalala!

    Dear Jenni's stomach,
    Behave, please. Thanks.

    Think that'll work? xx

  4. meh is the best word ever :)

    As for the pointers.. well i loved someone once and he broke my heart. It came completely out of the blue and that made it worse. Id gone in hospital and he had come to see me the day I had an op, he left and I never saw him again, a year together and he ended it with a phonecall. So I was shattered but slowly I pulled it together. The only advice I can give is let yourself have time, allow yourself to think about him for a little bit everyday but no more, do anything to take your mind off him if you find yourself thinking about him too much (easier said than done I know especially when you feel like poo) It does get easier.