13 February 2011

Boredom makes me copy Megz

So, I'm bored.

Very bored.

And because of this, I am going to steal Megs' idea, and dedicate this post to the things in life which make me happy.
Prepare yourself for the randomness that lives inside my head. Lol.


- My Mum. Shes my best friend in the whole world. I know that whatever happens, she'll be right there. We fall out sometimes, we drive each other insane, but we love each other unconditionally.
- My Dad. I dont know what I'd do without him. He keeps me going. He can always make me smile, regardless of how I feel or whats going on. I love him so much.
- Ryan. Hes my little brother. And we definately have the usual sibling relationship thing going on. But hes amazing, I know if I need him, he'll be there, even if he does moan about it. Lol. Also, I love our lazy days when hes at home. Hanging out with a pizza, and the disney channel, and acting like complete children.
- My cat. I take farrrr too many pictures of my cat. He is more like my child than my pet. Hes so cute, and its like magic, how he always seems to know when I'm ill or sad.
- The fact that Pete Franklin loves my cat far more than he loves me. ;)
- The smell of freshly made hot chocolate.
- Tea. I take after my dad. I cannot function without many cups of tea.
- Tigger. Totally does not need explaining. Its TIGGER! <3
- Haircuts. For some reason, having your hair done, seems to make everything better temporarily.
- Long showers. Same reaons as above.
- Unexpected text messages. Especially the cute kind that show someone, somewhere, is thinking of you.
- Being home alone, music up loud, and singing and dancing around like an idiot.
- Random conversations with friends, that the rest of the world would find completely confusing, or scary! And getting a text message/facebook message/status comment and thinking, 'why do i love this loser?' <3
- Hugs.
- Memories. Remembering something, and not being able to help smiling. =)
- Those special friends, who you know, no matter what the time is, or how insignificant the problem may seem to the rest of the world, they'll be there.
- The sunshine. Theres just something about the sun that makes everything better. And everything looks that bit more beautiful in the sunshine.
- Monkeys. But really, who doesnt love monkeys? ;)

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