26 January 2011

New Beginnings?

So, today, for the first time in a very long time... It actually feels like maybe I dare start looking forward to life.
Shocking, I know!

For so many months now, my life has revolved around my health. Today, although I'm not 100%, I actually felt like things were heading in the right direction. The last 6 months or so everything had fallen to pieces. My health was not playing games I enjoyed, my relationship broke down to a point I had no choice but to walk away, several friendships had ended for various reasons, and just nothing was really going right. And I topped it all off with an entire month in Papworth, including my birthday.

But now is time to get on top of things I think. My health still isnt great, but I'm back at a point I can work from. The relationship is over, and I think I'm ready to start moving on from that. And I've worked out which friends in my life should really matter.

So this is it. I deleted the old blog, seeing as I hadnt written anything in months anyway. Lol. And this now, is the story of my little life. And hopefully, my climb back to something that resembles normality!

Lovelove xx

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